Sunday, February 13, 2011

catch it if you can {it moves fast}

It seems that winter can get you down sometimes especially when it is always cold and cloudy here in the burgh. I know I have struggled to get motivated to get out and practice my photography. So . . . I am challenging everyone to get out there and capture anything in motion. Whether you use a fast shutter speed or slow shutter speed, find something or someone that involves some type of action. I encourage you to get creative. I want us all to grow and to learn from this assignment so don't be afraid to push your creativity to the next level. That is the topic for February/March. Since it is mid-Feb, I decided that we could go to the end of March with this one. So get out there and get creative.

I also thought it would be a great idea to get together every once in a while and practice shooting so we can learn from one another and better our skills. I plan on going to Phipps Conservatory this Saturday, February 19 - not sure what time yet - to practice macro shots. It is $12 to get in, free if you are a Pitt student. If anyone would like to join me, you are more than welcome to. Just send me an e-mail if you'd like my phone number (dontsmashthebug at gmail). Even if you don't own a macro lens, a lot of point-and-shoot cameras have a macro feature you could practice with.

Okay, sorry this post is getting a little long. On these get-togethers we would cover topics like aperature, shutter speed, iso, depth of field (the basics), flash, Photoshop, etc. Please leave a comment if you'd be interested and which topics you'd like to hear about. For those of you who already know your stuff, please let us know if you'd be willing to instruct. We could either go on location (like to the Strip, Downtown, Pitt, a park) or when learning things like Photoshop I'd be willing to provide my home.

I don't want to completely leave out the people not local so I will post notes on what we discuss.

Hope that wasn't too long for you. I appreciate any thoughts anyone has. Happy shooting!


  1. i think it's about time that i get my camera out and blow the dust off it. winters make me so darn lazy!

    this post got me motivated. i'm excited to experiment with the motion assignment.

    i think it's an awesome idea to get together and cover different topics. i know i could learn a lot of things from you guys.

  2. Word Ashley. Thanks for kicking us into gear again.

  3. Thanks for posting the new topic Ashley! You totally motivated me as well! I have been such a slacker with using my camera lately, but now I am so excited to try out motion shots!

    I would love to get together to do photos! I know I would also learn so so much from you guys!!