Friday, June 3, 2011

Black and White (SS)

I find that conversion to black and white is a really useful tool for low-light pictures. Sometimes I end up with a color cast that can't be corrected, or with grain that looks bad in color, and both of these are actually pros for B&W images!

This picture is an older one, but I've never used it because the faces had a terrible red cast. I went back in and desaturated the faces for a partial B&W look which I kind of like!

These two were taken this month. They both looked ok in color, but I think they really shine in B&W.


  1. great work! the last one is my favorite. so sweet. i, too, like to use b&w conversion in low-light situation where you could have grain. good job!

  2. nice last photo. looks like something i would buy on a postcard (in a very good sort of way).

  3. These are so great! I think the last one is also my favorite, great composition and the black and white really makes the photo stand out!