Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pick A Something -Doors (akasha)

Sorry guys, I have been so busy the past month that I've completely slacked on this assignment and figuring out the next one! Anyway, I chose doors for my "pick a something" and went around Pittsburgh to some old cathedrals. I wasn't super thrilled with how they turned out at first, ( I felt like they were all so similar) so I changed them up a bit on Photoshop.

Any takers on choosing a new topic for October?


  1. I love the first and third ones! Did you use a special lens or did you distort the image in photoshop? The third one is really eerie - nice.

  2. I love doorways. I find that I notice them more on holiday- I can't work out if it's because I'm more relaxed, because you walk the streets more or because they seem different to doors in England. Rx