Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Creative Focus

Okay girls, how are you all liking the set up of the blog? Do you like the monthly assignments, or is that too much or too little? Also, we need to make a list of everyone so we can all take turns choosing the topics. Who would like to pick for December? Do you guys want to choose your own months, or should I randomly assign your months and we'll follow that pattern? I have had so much fun already, and I'm so excited about all the participation we've had so far! I'd love to hear your comments and any ideas you might have!

-Akasha :)


  1. I love the blog so far. It has made me actually go out and learn more about taking good photographs. I think the monthly assignment thing is just right. As for topics I have a ton of ideas so I don't mind picking a month or just being assigned to one. Thanks for organizing this Akasha.

  2. Turns out it's super fun! I love looking at it all. I've just been to lazy to post pictures. I like the monthly assignment. For me it works great. I would be up for you just telling me a month to decide what the assignment is. :) Maybe let those who want to pick a month pick first...then we can just assign out the rest. easy peasey. :)