Wednesday, November 3, 2010

up close & personal

i realize that not everyone has posted their fall photos, but i just thought i would give you all a heads up on what topic i have chosen for november. i struggled a bit to decide what to do, but eventually i settled on macro.

i'm not comfortable with this type of photography, which has a lot to do with why i chose it. i really like to challenge myself with new photography topics. that's how we improve, right?

feel free to interpret this "assignment" however you'd like. the point is to take pictures of something that might not be very interesting if you were to just take a picture of it as a whole. get in close. crop it. show detail.

it can be of a flower, a leaf, a book, a pencil, anything!

happy shooting.


  1. I love the topic Mccall!! I definitely need more practice with this as well! And not being comfortable with it is a PERFECT reason to try it out for our next assignment! I can't wait to get started! :)