Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pick-A-Something {McCall}

I think I'm stretching this subject just a tad, but here goes.  Since it's been raining quite a bit here lately, I decided to choose water as my topic.


  1. Th droplets on the beige background are gorgeous! How did you get that shot?

  2. McCall, these are AMAZING! Way to put your macro lens to use! I am so impressed, and you definitely didn't stretch the subject at all- this is exactly the kind of thing I was thinking! I love the detail of the water on the beige one, and how simple the background is. I also love how all 3 photos of the water are so different, but they all have the same water theme! So artistic, good work!

  3. thanks, guys!

    @s- i just turned on my kitchen sink so that it was just BARELY dripping. i used manual focus to focus on the faucet and then just started firing away. the beige background is actually just a flat envelope {the manilla colored one}. ha- it was the closet thing and i wanted the background to be simple and not of my messy kitchen counter :)